Approved House Paint Colors
In order to maintain the integrity and quality of the appearance of the Gates of Hillsboro community, The "Maintenance Standards Committee" (MSC) must approve all colors the home owner has selected and plans on using for any house painting projects. The job of the committee is to review and approve in writing prior to any exterior changes are made to the home.
Below is an example of suggested paint colors by the MSC that should be used when painting your home. These suggestions are a reflection of the desired aesthetic setting the community hopes to maintain here at Gates of Hillsboro. The colors suggested do not have to be the brand listed but to be used as a guide. Any store brand paint can also be used as long as the colors are presented with a color swatch from the store, along with the proper form found on this site by clicking here.
Please keep in mind this is an Earth Tone community when making your choices.
Suggested Behr Paint Samples:
Suggested Glidden Paint Samples:
This is just a small sample of desirable color schemes provided by Behr and Glidden.
You can evaluate Behr's entire exterior collection catalog by clicking here and Glidden's by clicking here.
If you have any questions, please call 954-968-0359.