Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: How can I get help or information about the Association?
Answer:  There are three ways to get help or information:
Call the Gates Hotline @ 954-968-0359, leave a message and a member of MSC or the Board will return your call.
Come to a monthly board meeting, held on the first Wednesday of every month.
Question: How do I get on the Gates mailing/email list?
Answer:  By being a resident, you are already on the mailing list.  If you want to get updates by email, register on our website.
Question: Can I rent or lease my property?
Answer:  Per Article 8-Section 1:  All homes are considered single-family homes and are to be      occupied by a single family only.  Though there are no rules prohibiting a homeowner from renting out their property, the homeowner must provide the association with a copy of the lease and inform the renters that they must abide by the Covenants.  It should be noted that the owner is ultimately responsible for the property and any violations incurred by the renter(s).
Question: Can I operate a business from my home?
Answer:  No home may be used to conduct any manufacturing, trade business, commerce, industry, professional or other occupation which requires the license or certification of any government agency per Article 8-Section 6.  It should be noted that it is also a violation of the Deerfield City Code.
Question: Can I change the color of my house?
Answer:  You are welcome to change the color of your house or repaint it with the same color however written approval of the colors must be obtained from Maintenance and Standards before the property is painted.   Suggested colors are listed on the web site. 
Question:  Can I add to or change the structure of my home?
 Answer:  All changes to building, landscaping, painting, or structural changes MUST be submitted in writing to Maintenance and Standards for approval per Article 6-Section 3.
 Question:  Can I park a commercial vehicle on my property?
Answer:  Commercial vehicles may not be placed, parked or stored where they can be viewed from the streets of the Gates of Hillsboro.  Article 8-Section 7 defines the term Commercial Vehicle as a vehicle which is ordinarily intended for obvious commercial purposes or that has any type of commercial markings or lettering.  That includes “Dump Trucks”, vans, Sprinter vans, cars, pickup trucks and other similar vehicles with commercial signage.
Question:  Can I park or store my boat or RV on my property?
Answer:  No boats, trailers of any nature, motor homes, or recreational vehicles may be parked or stored where any portion can be viewed from the streets of the Gates of Hillsboro. 
Question:  Can I put up a fence?
Answer:  Yes.  Written request and approval must be obtained from Maintenance and Standards before the project begins.  Chain Link Fences WILL NOT be approved.  Final plans and a copy of the permit from the city of Deerfield Beach must be filed upon completion.  The fence MUST comply with Deerfield Beach City Codes.
Question: Can I put up a sign on my property?
Answer:  For Sale or For Rent signs may be displayed in the front window of the home or over the garage.   No other display or advertising is permitted on any lot or common areas according to Article 8-Section 4.  Alarm signs may be placed within 10 feet of the front door.
Question:  How long may Christmas and other holiday decorations stay up?
Answer:  Christmas decorations may go up Thanksgiving weekend and must be taken down by February 1st.  Decorations for other holidays should go up no sooner than 2 weeks before and removed within 2 weeks after.
Question:  What is the rule on Hurricane shutter installation and removal?
Answer:  Hurricane Shutters should go up as soon as a “Hurricane Warnings” are issued.  Shutters MUST be removed within 10 days of the removal of “Warnings” and storm has passed. 
Question:  What is the Rule regarding the storage and/or placement of Waste Containers and Recycle Bins?
Answer:  The City of Deerfield Beach and the Gates of Hillsboro require that the all trash containers MUST be stored behind a fence, in the garage or otherwise stored so that it is not visible from the street.
 Question:  May I park my car or put my trash for pick up over the drainage grates?
Answer:  The drainage grates are there to prevent flooding from heavy rains.  They also drain into the lake.  Cars may not be parked over the grates and trash/clippings may not be placed for pick up on top of these grates. 
Question:  May I park my vehicle on the streets or swales of the Gates?
Answer:  Parking of vehicles is allowed only in the paved driveway of a lot and cannot protrude onto the street.  Parking of vehicles is prohibited (1) over or on all or a portion of the sidewalk, (2) over or on all or a portion of the front lawn, (3) in or on all of a portion of the swales or (4) on the streets of the community.  Restrictions 1,3, and 4 hereof shall abate during a period not exceeding eight hours due to special events taking place on a lot.  Special events may include parties, family gatherings, construction, etc.
 Question:  When Can I place debris and/or large items for disposal on Monday?
 Answer:  All lawn and landscaping debris that is created by an outside contractor must be removed by that contractor at the time the services are rendered.  Debris cannot be placed for pickup more than 72 hours (Friday, Saturday, Sunday Only) before the scheduled pickup date.  Deerfield Beach Code states that debris must be placed for pickup, not more than 24 hours prior to pick up. 
Question:  Are there any rules on the maintenance and/or removal trees?
Answer:  Before any tree that can be seen from the streets of the Gates of Hillsboro or in the swale with a diameter greater than (4) inches (measured two feet up from the ground) can be removed from a lot or the swale, the owner must first submit an application to the Maintenance and Standards Committee and receive MSC’s written approval on the application.  The application shall reflect the location of the tree, the diameter of the tree and the reason for the requested removal.  Any tree to be planted in view from the streets of the Gates of Hillsboro or in the swale must comply with all City of Deerfield Beach codes and ordinances.  Permits from the City Forester may be needed.
Question: May I park a boat, trailer or RV on my property?
Answer:  Article 8-Section 7 prohibits the parking of boats, RV’s, trailers and commercial vehicles on properties in the Gates of Hillsboro where they can be seen from the streets of the Gates of Hillsboro.  Keep in mind vehicles may be parked behind the property fence.  However the fence can be no higher than 72” (6’).  Attachments to the fence can make the fence no higher than 72” from the ground to the top.  Hedges also can be no higher than 72” (6’).   This is not only Gates of Hillsboro Rule, but also Deerfield Beach City Code. Note:  If crossing the lawn to park behind the fence, that section of lawn must be maintained as the rest of the lawn with no ruts or tire tracks.
Question: May I erect a chain link fence
Answer:  Chain Link Fences are not approved fencing for the Gates of Hillsboro.  Current properties with chain link fencing were erected before the rule was passed and were “Grandfathered” in.  MSC WILL NOT APPROVE chain link fencing. 
Question:  May I have a Garage Sale?
Answer:  There are no rules prohibiting garage sales, however, the Deerfield Beach City Code allows for only three (3) garage sales per year. 
Question:  May I install artificial turf in place of natural turf?
Answer:  Artificial turf, flowers and other artificial landscaping is prohibited and will not be approved by MSC.   
Question: When a Maintenance and Standards request is submitted, when can I expect a response?
 Answer:  Our covenants allow 15 days from the date of receipt of the request for MSC to provide you with a written response.  We will make every effort to be as quick as possible.
Question: Can I place trash and debris over drainage grates?  Does that include parking of vehicles over those grates?
Answer:  Trash, debris and/or building materials MAY NOT BE PLACED on the drainage grates of the community.  That prohibition includes the parking of vehicles or doing maintenance, vehicle or otherwise over those grates.