Single Family Housing and Rental Agreement-Results
Your vote is in and “The Single Family Housing And Rental Amendment” passed by a majority of the homeowners in the Gates Of Hillsboro.  As we indicated in the letter attached to the Ballot, this gives the Association the authority to not only set the guidelines for renting, but hopefully helps us to prevent The Gates from becoming a rental community and retain the Single family community we have come to enjoy. 
            Attached is a copy of some Preliminary General Guidelines that will be the basis of the Amendment.  In the coming weeks and at the Annual Meeting in December, we will be refining the guidelines and putting in the systems to administer them.  We will also be adjusting the FAQ’S to answer as many questions as we can about this Amendment and other questions.  
            The Board has also voted to change the length of time for some violations of the Covenants.  As soon as the list is finalized, it will be posted on the web site and sent by mail.  The current rules are that a person receiving a violation letter has up to 90 days to make the corrections.  When the list is completed, items such as commercial vehicles, signs, lawn maintenance and other items that can correct immediately will be for 10-30 days. All others, roofs, paint colors, construction and other items that require more time to fix, will remain up to 90 days.  In either case, if you receive a violation letter and you call Maintenance and Standards, a representative will work with you to try to help.  
            Finally, we will be meeting at Constitution Park, the first Wednesday in the month @ 7pm for the foreseeable future.  You are invited to come and participate by offering your suggestions, concerns and new ideas.  We want to hear from you. 
            Note:  Don’t forget, there is a Federal Census coming up.  Make sure you are counted whether by mail, on line or if a Census Worker knocks on your door.  
City of Deerfield Beach
City of Deerfield Beach
Name                      Position                                    Phone
Bill Ganz                  Mayor                                      954-480-4263
Todd Drosky             District 4 City Commissioner      954-480-4263
Bernard Pita             Code Enforcement Supervisor    954-740-3384
Angelica Morales       Code Compliance Inspector       786-608-2908
Single Family Housing& Rental Amendment
The Single Family Housing and Rental Amendment
Since this a single family community, no owner of a Dwelling Unit (as defined in the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, as amended, Article of Incorporation and By-Laws, “Association documents”)), (1) shall allow or permit anyone other than the owner and their immediate family (“immediate family” is hereby defined as the Dwelling Unit owner’s children, parents, grandparents and grandchildren) to reside in or occupy the Dwelling Unit for any period of time that exceeds three (3) consecutive weeks or more than forty five (45) days in any calendar year unless said occupants have entered into a lease which complies with the terms set forth herein and (2) shall lease or rent, (including but not limited to sale and leaseback, lease with option to purchase, lease with right of first refusal, etc.) their Dwelling Unit at any time within two (2) years from the date of obtaining ownership/title of the Dwelling Unit. Paragraph 2 above shall not apply to (a) existing Dwelling Unit owners as of the date this amendment is recorded who have owned their Dwelling Unit for a period of two (2) years, however all other restrictions/conditions set forth herein shall apply, (b) a Dwelling Unit owner who took title per devise, inheritance or as a beneficiary to a trust so long as the lease and the occupancy contemplated by the lease has been approved in advance as set forth herein, (c) a Dwelling Unit owner who took title from their spouse provided that (i) the grantor spouse owned the Dwelling Unit for at least two (2) years and (ii) so long as the lease and the occupancy contemplated by the lease has been approved in advance as set forth herein, (d) the Association if it takes title to a Dwelling Unit pursuant to its own foreclosure action or deed in lieu of foreclosure or (e) any institutional mortgagee who takes title to a Dwelling Unit pursuant to its foreclosure action or a deed in lieu of foreclosure. The above provisions do not invalidate any leases which are valid on the effective date of this Amendment.
In the event a Dwelling Unit owner desires to rent their Dwelling Unit the following restrictions/conditions shall apply. 
A.        The term of the lease shall not be for less than one (1) year. 
B.        The lease shall be for the entire Dwelling Unit. 
C.        Room rentals are prohibited. 
D.        The tenant is hereby prohibited from subletting the Dwelling Unit or assigning the lease.
E.         The Dwelling Unit owner shall, before accepting any offer to lease the Dwelling Unit, deliver to the Lease Review Committee an Application for Lease Approval along with the proposed lease. Simultaneously with the submission of the Application a non-refundable screening fee of $_______ per occupant (over 18 years of age) shall be paid.  The Association may also require a background investigation as to each occupant’s (over 18 years of age) finances, credit history, criminal history, residential history or otherwise. The Association shall have ten (10) calendar days from receipt of the Application for Lease Approval to either approve or deny said Application. Approval shall not be unreasonable withheld. If the Association fails to respond within said ten (10) calendar days the Application for Lease Approval shall be deemed approved. Failure to submit an application shall be deemed a default of the Association’s documents by the Dwelling Unit owner and subject the Dwelling Unit owner and unapproved tenant to enforcement/legal action including payment of all of the Association’s costs and attorney’s fees.  The provisions set forth in this Amendment shall also apply to any renewal of the lease.
F.         As a condition to approval, the Dwelling Unit owner and the proposed occupants (over the age of 18) shall execute an Acknowledgment document in which they acknowledge (1) the existence of the Association, (2) that they have read and understood all of the Association’s documents, (3) that they will comply with all of the Association’s documents and (4) failure to comply shall constitute a breach of the lease and the Association’s documents and give the Association the right to bring any and all enforcement actions against both the Dwelling Unit owner and the tenants/occupants.
G.        If the Association disapproves a proposed lease or tenant(s)/occupant(s) (or renewal), the Dwelling Unit owner shall receive a statement indicating same and the lease shall not be made or renewed and the proposed tenant(s)/occupant(s) shall not occupy the Dwelling Unit. Any rental of a Dwelling Unit in violation of this Amendment shall be void and the Association may invoke any remedies provided by law, including but not limited to the initiation of immediate eviction proceeding to evict the unauthorized persons in possession and an action against the Dwelling Unit owner for violation of the terms of this Amendment. The Association shall not have a duty to provide an alternate tenant nor shall the Association assume any responsibility for the denial of the Application to Lease.
H.        The lease shall contain a provision appointing the Association as agent for the Dwelling Unit owner so the Association may act on behalf of the Dwelling Unit owner to enforce the lease, evict the tenants/occupants or otherwise. The Dwelling Unit owner shall not be relieved of any liability or responsibility hereunder by virtue of the existence of the lease of any of the provisions herein. The Dwelling Unit owner shall have a duty to bring his or her tenant(s)/occupant(s) conduct and actions into compliance with the Association’s documents by whatever action is necessary, including without limitation the institution of eviction proceedings without notice to cure. If the Dwelling Unit owner fails to bring the conduct of the tenant(s)/occupant(s) into compliance with the Association’s documents, the Association shall have the authority and right to act as agent for the Dwelling Unit owner, regardless whether the lease contains such authority, to undertake whatever action is necessary to abate the tenant(s)/occupant(s) non-compliance, including, without limitation the right to institute an action for eviction against the tenant(s)/occupant(s) in the name of the Association. The Association shall have the right to recover all costs and fees, including attorney’s fees from the tenant(s)/occupant(s) and the Dwelling Unit owner which shall be secured by assessment and lien in the same manner as common expense charges.
The following, without limitation, may be deemed to constitute good cause for disapproval:
            (i)        The person(s) seeking approval (which shall include all proposed occupants) has a criminal history involving violence to persons, property or demonstrating dishonesty or moral turpitude,
            (ii)       The person(s) seeking approval (which shall include all proposed occupants) has a record of financial irresponsibility including without limitation bankruptcies, foreclosures, bad debts or lawsuits.
            (iii)      The person(s) seeking approval (which shall include all proposed occupants) has had any type of restraining order issued or a history of disruptive behavior or disregard for the rights and property of others,
            (iv)      The person(s) seeking approval (which shall include all proposed occupants) failed to provide the information or fees or failed to sign any documents as required to process the application in a timely manner,
            (v)       All assessments, fines or other charges or fees against the Dwelling Unit owner have not been paid in full, provided however, the Association may grant approval subject to payment in full as a condition of the approval.
I.          The Dwelling Unit owner shall be responsible for the negligence, conduct, acts or omissions of the Tenant(s)/occupant(s) guests and invitees.
J.         The Association hereby creates a Lease Review Committee which shall consist of a minimum of five (5) members (who may or may not be officers or directors of the Association but must be members of the Association) with three (3) members constituting a quorum at any meeting. A majority of those members voting shall constitute the action of this committee. The Board of Directors shall appoint the members of the Lease Review Committee who shall serve for a period of one (1) year. The term may be extended for additional periods of one (1) year at the discretion of the Board of Directors. The lease committee shall have the authority to promulgate reasonable rules to carry out their function including the creation of the Application for Lease Approval and Acknowledgment document.
Summary Rules For Rental
Rules for Renting
A.  Those purchasing property in the Gates of Hillsboro must reside in the property for at least 2 years before renting.
B.  ALL Leases must be submitted with an attached Background Check for approval to The “Rental Committee”.  Air BNB and other companies offering the same service are prohibited.  As stated in the amendment, ALL Leases must be for one year and a copy provided to the Association Upon execution.
C.  The Property Owner must supply Maintenance and Standards with a contact person who has the authority to make sure any violations are immediately corrected.
D.  Owners must supply the renter with a copy of The Covenants & Restrictions.  Renters must submit a signed affidavit indicating they have read and agree to abide by our Covenants and Restrictions.
E.  Property Owners MUST understand that even though they MAY have stipulations in their leases regarding lease specifics, a violation of the Covenants is the owners responsibility not the renter.
F.  Property owners MUST provide property maintenance.  Lawn Service, Pool Service, installation and removal of storm shutters and landscaping.
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Gates of Hillsboro Frequently Asked Questions
 Question:  Can I park a commercial vehicle on my property?
Answer:  Commercial vehicles may not be placed, parked or stored where they can be viewed from the streets of the Gates of Hillsboro.  Article 8-Section 7 defines the term Commercial Vehicle as a vehicle which is ordinarily intended for obvious commercial purposes or that has any type of commercial markings or lettering.  That includes “Dump Trucks”, vans, Sprinter vans, cars, pickup trucks and other similar vehicles with commercial signage.
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