Single Family Housing and Rental Agreement/ Events
  Dear Gates Residents 
It appears that the possible catastrophic aspects of the storm may pass us by.  However, it also appears that we will get, at least, Tropical Force Winds for a day or so.  Please don’t take that as a sign that we let our guard down.  Make sure you secure your home and yard items.  Even more important, keep you and you family safe!
Our regularly scheduled Board Meeting for September 4, 2019 has been changed to Wednesday September 11, 2019 @ 7 pm and the rear conference room of the Constitution Park Center.
            Last week you should have received the "Single Family Housing and Rental Amendment“ for you to consider and vote on.  The Board of Directors in conjunction with your fellow neighbors, have put a lot of time and effort to trying to craft n amendment that help the Gates of Hillsboro continue to be the single Family Community we all moved into over the past 30+ years. 
 Some of the important points are:
    A. The Amendment spells out and helps contact by email us to maintain the Gates as a single family Community.
    B.  Purchasers of property in the Gates will be required to live in the property for at least 2 years before renting.
    C. Properties being rented will be subject to a specific set of requirements that will allow us to know who is moving in, that Property Managers/Owners will be responsible for maintenance and upkeep and leases will be a minimum 1 year.
            The “Single Family Housing and Rental Amendment” will go along way towards maintaining the single family way of life in the Gates and may also maintain or even help in increasing property values for you and your neighbors.
Thank You”
John Stevenson
City of Deerfield Beach
City of Deerfield Beach
Name                      Position                                    Phone
Bill Ganz                  Mayor                                      954-480-4263
Todd Drosky             District 4 City Commissioner      954-480-4263
Bernard Pita             Code Enforcement Supervisor    954-740-3384
Angelica Morales       Code Compliance Inspector       786-608-2908
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Gates of Hillsboro Frequently Asked Questions
 Question:  Can I park a commercial vehicle on my property?
Answer:  Commercial vehicles may not be placed, parked or stored where they can be viewed from the streets of the Gates of Hillsboro.  Article 8-Section 7 defines the term Commercial Vehicle as a vehicle which is ordinarily intended for obvious commercial purposes or that has any type of commercial markings or lettering.  That includes “Dump Trucks”, vans, Sprinter vans, cars, pickup trucks and other similar vehicles with commercial signage.
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